What Is Temporary Pace Wire and Its Usage Areas?

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Surgical temporary pace wire are routinely used in heart surgeries to ensure hemodynamic stabilization against arrhythmia...

Temporary epicardial pace wires also known as TEPW are routinely used in heart surgery since the 1960s. Surgical temporary pace wire are routinely used to ensure hemodynamic stabilization against arrhythmia for adult patients with heart surgery. (1,3,4) These wires are mandatory especially for high-risk patients to repair the atrial septal defect. At the same time, this is the best and sometimes the only method to treat transient arrhythmia.

Temporary epicardial pace wires are commonly preferred in open heart surgeries and especially heart pacer treatments. The value of temporary pace wires for early post-operative arrhythmia diagnosis and treatment is undisputed. (1,2) Hemodynamically significant arrhythmias may occur in early postoperative patients, and temporary epicardial veil wires play an important role in this process. Temporary pace wires can be used in atrial, ventricular, or atrioventricular (AV) form.

What Are The Usage Areas of Temporary Pace Wires?

Geçici Pace Teli Nedir ve Kullanım Alanları Nerelerdir?

Temporary epicardial pacing support may be required to resuscitate the heart or regulate rhythm, initially during and after open heart surgery. (4) Temporary epicardial pace wire (TEPW) is routinely applied to open heart surgery patients including coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery. Temporary heart pace wire is used for electric energy transmission between the external pacemaker unit and the heart of the patient and along itself for transient pacemaker electric control (pacing) and heart EKG monitoring during and after the open heart surgery. For detailed information, see the usage techniques section.

What Are The Things to Be Considered?

It is important to consider that surgical temporary pace wire might lead to rare but important complications, predict which patients and surgeries will need temporary pace wire, investigate the characteristics of these patients and limit the temporary pace wire usage by the surgeon. (2)

Boz Temporary Surgical Temporary Pace Wire

Boz Tempowire temporary pace wire have different sizes as USP 3/0 and 2/0 (metric 2-3) with fixed and double needle, twisted, straight or breakable needle, anchored or non-anchored options. This is a low density PE (LD-PE) coated (insulated) 316LVM surgical stainless steel wire. Tempowire meets all the requirements stated by European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and American Pharmacopoeia (USP) for non-absorbable surgical sutures expect the coating thickness. Additionally, Tempowire can be defined with B&S measurement classification. (5, 6)


Surgical Temporary Pacing Wire


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