Polyglycolicacid (PGA)


Polyglycolide-co-caprolactone (PGCL)


Polyglycolide-co-lactide (PGLA)


Polydioxanone (PDO)


Polyglycolicacid (PGA)


Absorbable Catgut Suture


Polyglycolide-co-lactide (PGLA)


Absorbable Catgut Suture

Absorbable Sutures

Absorbable sutures are used in surgical operation to naturally discard suture from tissue with medical indication. Absorbable sutures have wide range of use including general surgery, veterinary surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, urology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, gynaecology, plastic surgery, and skin reconstruction surgery.

Absorbable sutures of Boz Medical are manufactured in various forms including multifilament (braided), monofilament, coated, synthetic, and natural organic. Absorbable sutures are manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities with different size and for different needle needs.

Sutures of Boz Medical complies with all requirements of American and European Pharmacopeia for absorbable sutures.

Strong and Flexible Structure

Boz medical absorbable sutures offers easy knotting, adjustment, and minimum tissue trauma with strong and flexible structure.

Absorbable sutures are absorbed by the body with hydrolysis or enzymatically. Absorbable sutures complete their job and absorbed and disappears in time. After absorption time is completed, there are no foreign objects inside the body. Absorbable sutures cause less tissue reaction. Synthetic polymer suture materials are commonly preferred due to longer tension, higher know safety, and ease of use. These sutures are manufactured in different colours to increase visibility during application and surgery. Absorbable sutures can be manufactured from completely natural colouring agents.

Absorbable SuturesStructural FeaturesUSP RangeEP Range
GLIKOSORBAbsorbable, multifilament, coated, Polyglycolicacid (PGA), synthetic, purple and colorless8/0-3
GLIKOLAKAbsorbable, multifilament, coated, Poly[glycolide(90%)-co-lactide(10%)], synthetic, purple and colorless8/0-20.4-5
FASTSORBFast absorbable, multifilament, coated, Polyglycolicacid (PGA), synthetic, colorless8/0-60.4-0.8
FASTLAKFast absorbable, multifilament, coated, Poly[glycolide(90%)-co-lactide(10%)], synthetic, colorless8/0-20.4-5
MONOKAPROLAbsorbable, monofilament, Poly[glycolide(75%)-co-caprolactone(25%)](PGCL), synthetic, purple and colorless6/0-20.7-5
POLIDIOXAbsorbable, monofilament, Polydioxanone (PDO), synthetic, purple 7/0-20.5-5.0
PLAIN CATGUTAbsorbable suture material from purified sheep gut sub-mucous fibrous tissue (mostly collagen), monofilament, yellow6/0-41-8
CHROMIC CATGUTAbsorbable suture material from purified sheep gut sub-mucous fibrous tissue (mostly collagen) monofilament, brown and beige6/0-41-8

Antibacterial Sutures

Antibacterial Absorbable Surgical Sutures

The purpose of anti-bacterial surgical sutures are to minimise the damage on tissue or scarring.

Non Absorbable Sutures

Non Absorbable Surgical Sutures

Our non-absorbable sutures can be classified under 10 groups and used in various operations.


Absorbable Hemostats

Hemostats are sensitive materials and these are among indispensable elements of surgical intervention and operations.


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