Corporate Responsibility

We believe to adopt responsible business applications that create positive change in society. We want to contribute in all activity areas in positive way. Therefore, our vision is to create long term sustainable business life and apply a corporate responsibility program that will have positive effects on the society.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Increased social responsibility in companies creates challenges against profitability and financial safety. Boz Medical is aware of these risks and we are creating new requirements and new activity areas at organisational and at management level. Boz Medical and all employees considers effects of their every single move and activity on society and environment.
We are trying to make the world a better place by combining our skills, ideas, and knowledge.


We support professional and personal development of our employees with constant training programs. We are organising short- and long-term training programs to meet technical and personal development needs of our employees. We identify development areas of our personnel and plan our training accordingly.


As Boz Medical, we comply with national and international legal regulations and legislations. We are manufacturing environmentally friendly products based on constantly developing environmental management system. We care to pass on clean and healthy environment to next generations.


Boz Medical has certified Quality Management System under international ISO 9001 standard and constantly improves this system. Based on our constant improvement approach, Boz Medical considers work based on data and increases the level in efficiency of business processes to compete at international level.

Environmental Approach in Products and Manufacturing

At every stage of our manufacturing processes, our purpose is to minimise our effect on environment and our company has high efficiency with minimum natural resources consumption.

We care to pass on clean and healthy environment to next generations. We identify our objectives to control environmental effects and minimise resource use. In this sense, we constantly monitor our environmental performance.