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Suture Materials Used in Veterinary Surgery


Sutures are used in the surgical operations to connect the injured tissues or tissue incisions. With today’s technological opportunities, it is possib...

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What Are The Properties of Veterinary Surgery Suture Materials?


Sutures are used in the veterinary surgery to connect the damaged tissues or tissue incisions and for ligature applications. With the opportunities pr...

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Suture Techniques Used in Veterinary Surgery


For veterinary surgeons, correct material selection and correct suturing technique plays an important role for traumatic surgical operations. Just lik...

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How to Use Surgical Suture Needle?


Applying the methods for surgical suture use as mentioned below will facilitate certain applications. First, the main purpose of suturing is to bring ...

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What Is Non-Absorbable Suture, Where Is It Used?


Absorbable sutures are surgical sutures that are preferred to provide continuous tissue support. Since non-absorbable sutures are permanent, these sut...

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What Is Absorbable Suture, Where Is It Used?


Absorbable suture is a commonly preferred surgical suture that is absorbed by the body with hydrolysis or enzymatic ways and discarded naturally after...

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What Is Suture, What Does It Do, What Properties Does It Have?

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Selecting appropriate sutures may depend on biological structure of the wound and anatomic localisation. Suturing is a surgical procedure that has bee...

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