Absorbable Haemostats

Hemostats are medical materials used for stopping major and minor bleeding after internal and external injuries, ruptures, splits, traumatic cuts, dental operations, surgical, or spontaneous interventions. These materials are also known as hemostatic agent, hemostatic plug, hemostatic matrix, styptic, and astringent.

Boz Medical manufactured hemostats with 70 years of medical textile manufacturing experience. All hemostatic products are manufactured in local industrial facilities in Ankara and Uşak. We have wide range of hemostatic products to meet different needs and demands. Boz Medical hemostats are manufactured compliant with “Oxidised Regenerated Cellulose” and “Oxidised Cellulose” standard requirements of USP American Pharmacopeia.

  • Complete absorption within 7-14 days
  • Coagulation within 3-4 minutes
  • Bactericidal effects against 40 types of microorganism
  • Absorption in implantation areas without tissue reaction

Effective Against Bacteria, Reliable Hemostat

  • Bactericidal Effect

    Structure of our hemostats are resistant against bacteria. Our absorbable hemostats have bactericidal effects against majority of pathogen microorganisms.

  • Strong Texture

    Absorbable hemostats that we manufacture have highly strong texture. Strong texture of our hemostats prevent any type of rupture in surgical interventions.

  • Fast Effect

    Boz Medical hemostats stop bleeding in approximately 3-4 minutes and absorbed in implantation areas within 7-14 days without any tissue reaction.


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