What Is Surgical Pledget and Its Usage Areas?

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What are surgical suture accessory Pledgets (PTFE) or known as surgical pledgets (surgical felts) used as a support to sutured tissue and what are their usage areas?

Pledgets which are known as PTFE mesh are surgical suture accessories that prevent the sutured tissue to be torn. These are manufactured from %100 Polytetrafluoroethylene and the sterilization is completed with EO (Ethylene Oxide). The non-absorbable pledgets are sold in various sizes. (1)

What Are The Surgical Pledget Usage Areas?

Cerrahi Plejit (Keçe) Nedir ve Kullanım Alanları Nerelerdir?

Surgical felts that are generally used for patch and sutures by the surgeons are preferred as a support for the larger sections of the left ventricular myocardium to support the fragile tissues. In short, non-absorbable Pledgets (PTFE) provide support to sutured tissue in septal defect, vascular and myocardial repair and prevent the tissue tears. (1,2)

About Boz Teflon Pledgets

The non-absorbable surgical felt (PTFE) launched as Teflon Pledget as a surgical suture accessory is non-woven and has white color. Boz new generation Pledgets (Teflon felt) provide full support to the sutured tissue and are manufactured from 100% Polytetrafluoroethylene. Teflon Pledgets (PTFE) surgical felts manufactured in different sizes to meet the varying procedural needs do not have any known contraindications. (1,2)

Teflon Pledget

Non-Absorbable Surgical Felt (PTFE)


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