Surgical Temporary Pacing Wire

Tempowire temporary pacing wire is twisted 316LVM stainless steel wire, with low density PE (LD-PE) coated (sheathed), with double needle, with or without anchor. TEMPOWIRE meets requirements established by European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United State Pharmacopoeia (USP) for nonabsorbable surgical suture, except insulation thickness. TEMPOWIRE may also be labeled with the B&S gauge classifications.

TEMPOWIRE is indicated for use as temporary cardiac pacing wire to transfer electrical energy along its length between the external pacemaker and the patient’s heart for temporary cardiac pacing and intracardial ECG monitoring during and after open-heart surgery, for single use only. TEMPOWIRE has one end stripped of insulation for some length or anchored and conductively crimped to a curved taper point suture needle for facilitating fixation in the myocardium or if anchored; penetration through myocardium and fixation by anchor. Anchor is the stripped off and spread part of the insulation close to the curved needle. The other end of the insulated lead is conductively attached to a straight cutting edge Keith needle which is pushed through the thoracic cavity wall from the interior to the exterior. The Keith needle may be equipped with a special breakoff groove. The cutting part of the needle is broken off from the groove, and the stub forms an electrode plug which is connected to conventional pacing and monitoring equipment.

TEMPOWIRE product is available in sizes USP 3/0 and USP 2/0 (metric 2-3) in a variety of lengths with permanently attached needles, with straight or breakaway needle, with anchor or without.


Tempowire Technical Information

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Structural Features

  • emilemeyen-ipek-sütür-renksiz-icon
    Non absorbable, stainless steel wire, coated with LD-PE-blue
  • kimyasal-yapı-sütür-icon
    AISI 316 LVM stainless steel wire, multifilament, LD-PE coated surgical temporary pacing wire.
  • usp-aralığı-sütür-icon
    3/0 and 2/0 (metric: 2-3)
  • sterilizasyon-sütür-icon
    EO (Ethylene Oxide)
  • paketleme-sütür-icon
    In tyvek & film sachets

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