Our aim is to be the best in medical material manufacturing.

A Better Life

Our innovation oriented approach is to make lives of millions of people better. We are offering our help to patients around the world by preventing, soothing, treating diseases, and providing better diagnosis opportunities.

We ensure that high-quality medical materials are supplied at adequate levels. With our materials manufactured with advanced technology, we contribute to effectively use energy and resources. Boz Medical is based on tens of years of experience that form the foundation to reach these objectives and our company combined high technology medical material expertise with animal and plant health. Our key to supply medical products in all markets is our focus on innovation. Another source of this key is considering needs of other shareholders in our society while creating value for our customers and employees.

Our Values

In our activities, we are committed to undertake sustainability as well as social and ethical responsibilities. Boz Medicals Leadership, Efficiency, Correctness, and Flexibility values are directing to realise our “A Better Life” mission.

  • Protecting employee and performance
  • Taking personal initiatives, inspiring and motivating others
  • Taking responsibility for actions, results, successful, and unsuccessful attempts
  • Being fair and respectful towards others
  • Open, sincere, and on-time feedback
  • Managing all conflicts in constructive manner
  • Creating value for all shareholders
  • Smart resource management
  • Focusing on value creating activities
  • Simple and effective business
  • Affordable, fast, and high quality business
  • Taking responsibility for consistent application
  • Accelerating better decision making processes
  • Working together to find better solutions
  • Setting an example
  • Complying with laws, rules, and good business ethics
  • Trusting others and forming trustful relationships
  • Being trustworthy and reliable
  • Listening carefully and maintaining appropriate communication
  • Ensuring sustainability
  • Caring for people, safety, and environment
  • Managing change in effective manner
  • Being prepared to comply with future trends and requirement
  • Questioning status quo
  • Thinking and acting in customer-oriented way
  • Analysing opportunities and taking calculable risks
  • Having open mind
  • Being open to lifelong learning