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Fıtık (Herni) Nedir ve Fıtık Onarım Teknikleri Nelerdir?

What Is Hernia and What Are Hernia Repair Techniques?

Hernia is a common pathology type in the community. Hernia is weakened muscle or formation holding the internal organs t
Hemostat Kanama Durdurucu Ajanlar Nedir?

What Is Hemostat (Hemostatic Agent) and What Are Hemostat Types?

Hemostats also known as antihemorrhagic agents are hemostatic agents used on the bleeding region to stop the bleeding on
Yara Türleri Nelerdir? Akut Yaralar Nedir?

What Are Wound Types?

Our skin is the first defence line for our body against the external threats and it forms the 15% of body weight as the