Non-Absorbable Surgical Suture

Monowire are stainless steel, non-absorbable, sterile wire surgical sutures made from AISI 316 LVM and compliant with ISO 5832 Section 1 “Surgical Implants – Metallic Materials” requirements. Surgical stainless steel wire sutures are available as monofilament or multifilament. Surgical stainless steel wire sutures comply with all non-absorbable surgical suture requirements of European Pharmacopeia (E.P.) and American Pharmacopeia (U.S.P). Additionally, surgical stainless steel wires can be tagged based on Brown & Sharpe Gauge (B&S) or American Wire Gauge (AWG) classification.

These sutures are used on tendons as accessories and polypropylene (PP) buttons are used as support to prevent tissue cuts. These sets that include buttons is called “Tendon Kit”. Rounded part is the upper part of the button. Straight part is used for distributing suture tension in contact with skin. Another accessories used for preventing tissue cuts by suture and distribute suture tension on abdominal coating is polyethylene (PE) tonus tampon. This kit with tonus tampon is called “Suture Holder”. Tonus tampon consists of high density hard polyethylene (HDPE) on upper part, and low density polyethylene foam (LDPE) at the bottom part that contacts application area. Both layers are connected with double-sided tape.

Non-absorbable surgical stainless steel wires are used in abdominal scar closure, hernia, sterna closure, cerclage, and orthopaedic procedures that include tendon repair.

Monowire sutures are manufactured with or without stainless steel needle, between USP 6/0 – USP 8 range, and with various lengths between 45cm to 75cm.


Monowire Technical Information

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Structural Features

  • emilemeyen-monofilamen-renksiz-sütür-icon
    Non absorbable, stainless steel wire suture, colorless, multifilament and monofilament
  • kimyasal-yapı-sütür-icon
    AISI 316 LVM stainless steel wire
  • emilim-süresi-sütür-icon
  • usp-aralığı-sütür-icon
    6/0 – 8 (metric: 0.7-10.0)
  • sterilizasyon-sütür-icon
    EO (Ethylene Oxide)
  • paketleme-sütür-icon
    In aluminum foil packages with needle or without needle

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