Polyglycolic Acid (PGA)
  • Fast Absorbable
  • Polyglycolic
  • Multifilament
  • Synthetic
  • Colourless

Fastsorb fast absorbable veterinary suture is a synthetic, sterile, absorbable surgical degraded polyglycolic acid (PGA) suture formed from glycolic acid homopolymer. Empirical formula of polyglycolic acid is (-O-CH2-CO-O-CH2-CO-)n. Polymer chain disintegrate with gamma radiation. Fastsorb sutures are coated with special coating material made of calcium stearate (C36H70O4Ca) and polycaprolactone (C6H10O2)n mixture. Fastsorb suture and coating materials is inert, non-collagen, non-antigenic, and non-pyrogenic material. Fastsorb suture is colourless and has natural beige colour.

Needle SizeNeedle ShapeProduct CodeUSPEPLenghtPieceColor
20 mm1/2 Taper PointFS22285/0175 cm12Colourless
FS26834/01,575 cm12Colourless
FS31413/0275 cm12Colourless
20 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingFS22505/0175 cm12Colourless
20 mm3/8 Inside CuttingFS27304/01,575 cm12Colourless
26 mm1/2 Taper PointFS22915/0175 cm12Colourless
FS28324/01,590 cm12Colourless
FS33123/0275 cm12Colourless
FS37852/0375 cm12Colourless
FS421403,575 cm12Colourless
26 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingFS22985/0175 cm12Colourless
FS33353/0275 cm12Colourless
FS38162/0390 cm12Colourless
26 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingFS33453/0275 cm12Colourless
FS38212/0375 cm12Colourless
FS423603,575 cm12Colourless
FS49532575 cm12Colourless
30 mm1/2 Taper PointFS38572/0375 cm12Colourless
FS424303,575 cm12Colourless
30 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingFS33963/0275 cm12Colourless
FS46281475 cm12Colourless
35 mm1/2 Taper PointFS39152/0375 cm12Colourless
FS429903,575 cm12Colourless
FS46431475 cm12Colourless
35 mm1/2 TapercuttingFS39122/0390 cm12Colourless
FS429203,590 cm12Colourless
35 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingFS39322/0375 cm12Colourless
40 mm1/2 Taper PointFS39812/0375 cm12Colourless
FS436703,575 cm12Colourless
FS47121475 cm12Colourless
FS50012575 cm12Colourless
40 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingFS34493/0275 cm12Colourless
FS439603,575 cm12Colourless
40 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingFS40052/0375 cm12Colourless
FS47551475 cm12Colourless
50 mm1/2 Taper PointFS34693/0275 cm12Colourless
FS40372/0375 cm12Colourless
FS445303,575 cm12Colourless
FS48111475 cm12Colourless
50 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingFS40422/0375 cm12Colourless
65 mm1/2 Taper PointFS486414100 cm12Colourless

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