Natural Silk
  • Non-Absorbable
  • Sterile
  • Natural Silk
  • Multifilament

Surgical silk veterinary suture is a non-absorbable, sterile surgical suture made from fibroin organic polymer. This protein is obtained from Bombisis mori type (B.mori) domesticated from Bombisida family. Wax and gum that are natural in silk suture were removed by processing. The surgical silk suture is dyed in black colour and coated with silicon. The black colouring agent is hematein HCK. (C.I. colour index no.75290) The silk suture also has its own natural colour. Surgical silk sutures are compliant with American Pharmacopeia (U.S.P.) and Non-Absorbable Surgical Sutures Monograph and European Pharmacopeia (E.P.) Sterile Braided Silk Suture Monograph rules.

Needle SizeNeedle ShapeProduct CodeUSPEPLenghtPieceColor
18 mm1/2 Taper PointCK36232/03,575 cm12Brown
20 mm1/2 Taper PointCK36452/03,575 cm12Brown
CK41680475 cm12Brown
CK45711575 cm12Brown
20 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingCK36622/03,575 cm12Brown
CK41730475 cm12Brown
26 mm1/2 Taper PointCK37852/03,575 cm12Brown
CK42140475 cm12Brown
CK49462675 cm12Brown
26 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingCK45971575 cm12Brown
26 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingCK38212/03,575 cm12Brown
CK42360475 cm12Brown
CK49532675 cm12Brown
30 mm1/2 Taper PointCK38572/03,575 cm12Brown
30 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingCK38902/03,575 cm12Brown
CK46281575 cm12Brown
40 mm1/2 Taper PointCK43670475 cm12Brown
CK47121575 cm12Brown
CK50012675 cm12Brown
CK51183775 cm12Brown
CK51434875 cm12Brown
40 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingCK51203775 cm12Brown
40 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingCK40052/03,575 cm12Brown
CK44070475 cm12Brown
CK47551575 cm12Brown
50 mm1/2 Taper PointCK40372/03,575 cm12Brown
CK48111575 cm12Brown
CK50652675 cm12Brown
CK51273775 cm12Brown
50 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingCK40422/03,575 cm12Brown
CK48401575 cm12Brown
CK50822675 cm12Brown
60 mm1/2 Taper PointCK44860475 cm12Brown
75 mm1/2 Taper PointCK50952675 cm12Brown

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