Polydioxanone (PDO)
  • Absorbable
  • Polydioxanone (PDO)
  • Monofilament
  • Synthetic, Sterile

Polidiox veterinary suture (polydioxanone) is a monofilament, synthetic, absorbable suture consisting of poly (p-dioxanone) polyester. Empirical molecular formula of polymer is (C4H6O3)x. This suture is coloured with violet colour (D&C Violet No.2 C.I. #60725, FDA Part 74.3602 / Solvent Violet 13) to achieve easy visibility on tissue. Polydioxanone polymer has non-antigen and non-pyrogenic structure and shows slight tissue reaction during absorption.

Needle SizeNeedle ShapeProduct CodeUSPEPLenghtPieceColor
20 mm1/2 Taper PointPX22295/0175 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX26854/01,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX31423/0275 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX36462/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
20 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingPX27194/01,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX36632/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
26 mm1/2 Taper PointPX28284/01,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX33133/0275 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX37862/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX421303,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
26 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingPX33363/0275 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX38092/0345 cm12Purple (Violet)
26 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingPX58674/01,545 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX33463/0275 cm12Purple (Violet)
30 mm1/2 Taper PointPX28764/01,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX33693/0275 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX38582/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX424403,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX46081475 cm12Purple (Violet)
30 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingPX38912/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
35 mm1/2 Taper PointPX46441475 cm12Purple (Violet)
35 mm1/2 TapercuttingPX39082/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX46391475 cm12Purple (Violet)
40 mm1/2 Taper PointPX34443/0275 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX39822/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX436803,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX47131475 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX50062575 cm12Purple (Violet)
40 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingPX439903,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX47491475 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX50192575 cm12Purple (Violet)
48 mm1/2 Taper PointPX443703,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX47931475 cm12Purple (Violet)
48 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingPX48041475 cm12Purple (Violet)
48 mm1/2 Taper Point BoldPX546003,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX53791475 cm12Purple (Violet)
50 mm1/2 Taper PointPX40392/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX445903,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX48181475 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX50702575 cm12Purple (Violet)
50 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingPX447103,575 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX48361475 cm12Purple (Violet)
60 mmStraight CuttingPX34923/0275 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX40742/0375 cm12Purple (Violet)
PX449303,575 cm12Purple (Violet)

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