Natural Silk
  • Non-Absorbable
  • Silicone Coated
  • Multifilament
  • Natural
  • White / Black

Silk dental surgical suture is a non-absorbable, sterile suture made from fibroin organic polymer. This protein is obtained from Bombisis mori type (B.mori) domesticated from Bombisida family. Wax and gum that are natural in silk suture were removed by processing. This suture has USP 7/0 or higher braided structure. This suture is available in twisted or braided format for USP 7/0 and 8/0. Surgical silk suture is dyed to black and coated with wax or silicon. Black colouring agent is Hematein HCK. (C.I. colour index no.75290) The silk suture also has its own natural colour (ivory).

Needle SizeNeedle ShapeProduct CodeUSPEPLengthPieceColorOrder
12 mm3/8 Reverse Cutting
430 Micron
SB18555/0175 cm12Black

12 mm3/8 Reverse Cutting
330 Micron
SB15426/00,745 cm12Black

13 mm3/8 Reverse Cutting
430 Micron
SB19315/0145 cm12Black

13 mm3/8 Reverse Cutting
330 Micron
SB16136/00,745 cm12Black

SB60216/00,760 cm12Black

15 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingSB16436/00,745 cm12Black

16 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingSB20155/0145 cm12Black

SB60225/0160 cm12Black

SB16676/0145 cm12Black

17 mmTapercuttingSB60264/01,560 cm12Black

18 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingSB26224/01,545 cm12Black

SB60234/01,560 cm12Black

18 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingSB30893/0245 cm12Black

SB60243/0260 cm12Black

19 mm1/2 Reverse CuttingSB31023/0275 cm12Black

19 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingSB26374/01,545 cm12Black

19 mm3/8 Reverse Cutting
SB60254/01,560 cm12Black

20 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingSB31653/0245 cm12Black

SB27174/01,545 cm12Black

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