Polyglycolide Lactid Acide (PGLA)
  • Absorbable
  • Poly (Glycolide Lactide) and calcium stearate coated
  • Multifilament
  • Synthetic
  • Colourless / Violet

Poly gylicolide lactic acid PGLA Glikolak dental suture is flexible, synthetic, absorbable, sterile surgical suture consisting of copolymer synthesised from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide (gylocolide and lactide acid derivatives). Empirical formula of copolymer is (C2H2O2)m(C3H4O2)n. Multifilament suture is formed by combining fibres by braiding. Coating material of Glikolak suture is prepared with equal amount of calcium stearate (C36H70O4) and 30% glycolide and 70% lactide (for (C2H2O2)m(C3H4O2)n formula; m:n=3:7). Since Glikolak suture is used on living organisms, it is absorbable and cause no irritation. Copolymer and coating material calcium stearate are non-antigenic, non-pyrogenic and causes mild tissue reaction during absorption.

Needle SizeNeedle ShapeProduct CodeUSPEPLengthPieceColorOrder
12 mm3/8 Reverse Cutting
430 Micron
GL18505/0145 cm12Violet Purple

GL60365/0160 cm12Violet Purple

12 mm3/8 Reverse Cutting
330 Micron
GL15416/00,745 cm12Violet Purple

13 mm3/8 Reverse Cutting
330 Micron
GL16116/00,745 cm12Colourless

16 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingGL30243/0275 cm12Colourless

GL25334/01,545 cm12Colourless

GL20145/0145 cm12Colourless

GL60375/0160 cm12Violet Purple

GL16746/00,775 cm12Violet Purple

17 mm1/2 Round BodyGL25764/01,545 cm12Violet Purple

GL60384/01,560 cm12Violet Purple

18 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingGL30903/0245 cm12Violet Purple

GL60393/0260 cm12Violet Purple

19 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingGL31083/0275 cm12Colourless

GL26394/01,575 cm12Colourless

20 mm3/8 Reverse CuttingGL31643/0245 cm12Violet Purple

GL27164/01,545 cm12Colourless

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